19 Photoshop Painting Shortcuts

This list is for anyone who has already been painting in Photoshop but could use a few shortcuts to save time. For starters, I’m going to tell you my absolute favorite shortcut that has made my workflow so much more efficient. It is the Brush Size shortcut:

Reduce Brush Size = [

Enlarge Brush Size = ]

No more driving your mouse back and forth across the screen to change your brush size!!

Another really helpful shortcut is the Fill with Foreground Color:

Fill with Foreground Color = Option + Delete

Following is the rest of the shortcut list. You may see a few in here that will save you time that you may end up using a lot:

Move = Space

Zoom In = Option + Space + Click

Zoom Out = Command + Space + Click

Make Brush Softer = Shift + [

Make Brush Harder = Shift + ]

Toggle Layer Transparency = /

Fill with Background Color = Command + Delete

Swap Foreground with Background Colors = X

Airbrush Flow = Shift + % + Number Desired (type the % key and then the number, “5” is 50%, “8” is 80%, etc.)

Hide All Panels = TAB

Free Transform = Command + T

Move Selection = Command + Drag

Invert Selection = Command + Shift + I

Make Layer Selection = Command + Click on the desired layer in the layers panel

Turn a Layer into a Clipping Mask = Position the cursor between two layers holding down Option and clicking your mouse. The top layer becomes masked by the bottom layer.

Move a Copy of Selection = Option + Command + Drag (and if you have the Move tool selected, you can just hit the option key and drag what you are wanting to copy)

Print this out and hang it up so you can use as a quick reference!

~ by Jill Sanders Art on April 5, 2013.

3 Responses to “19 Photoshop Painting Shortcuts”

  1. Are you using a Wacom tablet as well?

  2. I do…couldn’t live without it! Do you use one? Eventually I wouldn’t mind getting a Cintique.
    E.T.A. – Sorry, I just saw that you do use a Wacom. I have a really small old one that works fine. I have a larger newer one that was given to me that I have not started using yet.

  3. Reblogged this on Peter Davies, freelance Photoshop/Wacom based Storyboard and Concept Artist. Call to book on 07956 247630 or call on +447956 247630 if from outside UK..

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