4 Seasons Illustrations…

I’ve been working on 4 illustrations for the four different seasons. I’m finally on the last one – summer! One thing I’ve learned for sure is that fabric can be very annoying to paint in Photoshop. Sometimes I wonder would I be faster if I worked in acrylics?? I love painting details, so probably not. Don’t pay any attention to the colors – I’m still working on that part! Anyhoo, I’ll post another update when I get further along. Tragically I’ve been working on this blog site all day and didn’t get to work on her at all 😦

~ by Jill Sanders Art on May 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “4 Seasons Illustrations…”

  1. Looks gorgeous, how will they be displayed – along side or in four quadrants? Are they commisioned or sold? there are plenty of restaurants that are called “four seasons” 🙂


    • They can be displayed altogether or separately…I tried to make them consistent in case they are side-by-side. I did these for my portfolio – they’re digital so I can sell prints of them in the future! Thanks Kal 🙂

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